How it works

Oslo Cargo Bike is what we believe to be an electrical efficient way to get around Oslo. Cargo bikes are primarily used for rides where you need to transport yourself and items and as a supplement to other public transport.

This is a pilot project – let's learn together <3

Hauling more goods than you can fit on a regular bike? No need for a car: try our cargo bikes instead!

Use your phone to unlock the bikes. You use the app to buy the subscription that fits your needs, find bikes close to your location and talk to us if you need assistance.

This is the official home page from Oslo Cargo Bike

First off: buy a subscription

Buy a subscription and download the app for iPhone or Android.

Find a bike

You can find the closest available bike in the app. A bike can be unlocked all day.


Tap “unlock” in the app when you’re close to a station. It will then tell you which bike is yours.

Make sure to unplug the charger and start the computer on the bike before you go for a ride.


Ride as much as you want within the minutes that are allowed by your subscription. The app watches the time for you. You can extend the rental for NOK 20 per 15 minutes.


You can return your bike to the station at any time. The closest available station are shown in the app.

Lock the bike

Place the bike on the designated parking spot- then press lock on the app. The front light will turn green and you have to physically close the lock on the bike- the bike will make a confirmation sound. Look for confirmation in the app. Please put the charger on the bike- so there is enough power for the next person that pick it up.